Stone has been the foundation of building history for quite literally, thousands of years. There is no other material that offers such amazing benefits. From durability to sustainability and great design flexibility; stone boasts it all. Here in Tiba Marble we are professional stone suppliers for both commercial and domestic use.

The products that we supply are:
Limestone, Marble, Granite. Special art.

As we know how wonderful the stones are and in the same time how hard to taste its beauty.
We have empowered ourselves with a professional team of stones consultants and salesmen to satisfy the need of our customers.


Here in Tiba marble we always make sure to use latest technologies in quarrying technology.  As we use specialized machinery to cut the stones out of the quarry with   precise dimensions without causing any damage to the stone. Our main concept has been to use machines that are relatively simple mechanically, ensuring low costs, high reliability, eco-friendly and easy maintenance.




We provide our factory with all the machines it needs which we have imported from Italy. We also provide professional workers that use latest technologies to produce flawless products and to make any design you are thinking of .


No worries about packing! We have specialists that their only work is to assure that packing is excellent and that is protected enough to arrive to you in its best condition .