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Galala Egyptian Marble is a medium grain light creamy beige with golden shades colored sedimentary rock.

Galala Egyptian Marble can be commonly used; Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, coluntertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, windowsills, etcThe.

 marble its is a beige Egyptian marble quarried in Egypt specifically from  the Suez, Mountain Ain Sokhna Egypt, one of the unique Egyptian marble colors, with more than 5 color tones and shades, this Egyptian marble type is suitable for every corner at your home, and also in commercial building and shopping malls, very similar to marbles such as the Spanish Creme Marfil and Italian Botticino ,Galala Egyptian marble  has a variety of shades and colours within the tile, Galala Egyptian marble cuts more reliably like a limestone but still polishes just as well as any marble.

Some countries including Egypt call it Egyptian marble, but mainly it’s a limestone Galala Egyptian Limestone has tumbled soft edges with variety of shades and colours a pale ivory base colour 

 considered as the bestselling Egyptian limestone flooring tiles.A perfect and popular choice by homeowners, designers and builders alike for limestone paving, indoor floor tile and outdoor flooring, patios, limestone wall cladding, staircases, fireplaces, kitchen countertops, pool coping with acid etched surface finish which is ant slip , perfect limestone for window sills, and sculptures .best natural stone tiles selected for a tranquil aesthetic statement to any setting

Stone Characteristics— Minimal Requirements– Degree

Abrasion resistance hardness
(ASTM C241/c1353) Min Ha B,C,D 10 –34.8Ha
Flexural strenght Mpa.
(ASTM C880) Min 1000 PSI –1300psi
Modulus of rupture Mpa
(ASTM C99) Min 1000 PSI –1800psi
Compressive strenght Map
(ASTM C170) Min 7500 PSI –18300psi
Absorption by weight %
(ASTM C97) Max%0.20– 0.12%