Paving Flamed Granite
tiba marble

Granite provides a contemporary, hardwearing finish to your paved area making it an ideal paving for more heavily used patios.

Gra paving, granite setts, granite edging stones are our typical garden stones for outdoor space, these attractive but cheap garden stones are directly imported from our shareholder oversea quarry and factory.

A marble pavers is an elegant choice and adds significant value to homes and commercial buildings. Many designs and finishes are available, options are infinitely unique.

Durable: Marble Pavers is one of the sturdy stones among all the natural stones.

Paving Granite :

Part of what makes marble so appealing is the huge range of colors and variations of this beautiful natural stone.

Durable and beautiful, granite pavers are one of the most popular choices for patio pavers and walkways. Granite is one of the oldest stones in the world, making it an ideal material to remain intact over years to come.

Our granite is available in a variety of colors and shapes because no two pieces are alike, making granite a very versatile option when choosing a natural stone for your patio.

In addition to patios and walkways, our granite pavers can also be used for driveways, pool areas, garages and more.

We also have granite wall stone and steps to complete your granite project.

Our granite pavers are available in a variety of colors and shapes making granite a very versatile option when choosing a natural stone for your patio.

With a hard-wearing surface, Granite Pavers do not scratch or chip easily making them perfect for high traffic areas such as walkways and entrance ways.

Tiba Marble® Granite Pavers are resistant to stains, heat and freeze-thaw cycles. With careful selection of raw materials and production of pavers with the closest tolerances in the industry, Tiba Marble® Granite Pavers are a natural choice for all types of applications.

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