who we are ?
Tiba Marble

Tiba Marble Company is a leading participant in the field of Egyptian marble and granite industry.
Welcom In Tiba Marble.

Tiba Marble Company Decades of experience we have learned from mistakes, and we go through situations, so now we can offer you a very good products & services We build relationships of good collaboration with all clients, Tiba Marble based on trust and respect to their needs and to the investment act.

The elements that differentiate our offer from that of competitors are closely related to the quality of products, services and execution deadlines, the price being sometimes higher than the one on the market Tiba Marble, our product being designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

We are humbled by our global clientele of 50+ companies’ sale spread across over 10+ countries & our presence Tiba Marble widens with every passing day.


Only a large organization with the capability of mobilizing large resources can successfully complete large architectural projects.

Tiba Marble As the result of the extended experience in large-scale projects. Tiba has the Projects Department whose mission is to promote company materials in major projects worldwide.

This highly specialized team formed by top professionals, also researchers’ construction systems applicable to all Tiba range of products.

We work with architects and engineers in the application of our materials on coverings, pavements, ventilated facades and any other technical solution, working together to make any project become achievable.


Our vision in Tiba Marble is to be a worldwide point of reference in the Natural Stone sector, to consolidate our leadership position and to be a presence in the market of floors, wall covering, cut to size, and projects.


Our mission goes beyond processing of marble and delivering it to our customers. We also provide solutions in respond to the market demand and trends, basing our sales on innovation, technology and customer service.

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