Batimat - Paris 2011

Batimat is inviting its stakeholders – exhibitors, visitors and partners – to change perspective with a view to tackling the many challenges we face today. The purpose of this theme is to promote a proactive spirit at the show, with a focus on seeking solutions.

Let’s change our perspective. Let’s take a step back and study in detail the challenges facing the sector.

Batimat will use four key areas – Adaptation, Innovation, People, Local governments – as a framework for getting to grips with the changes we’re currently witnessing. 

Taiba Marble Company was one of the first companies in the Middle East to participate in the international exhibitions specialized in the marble and granite industry in 2011, and we consider this to be an important event for us.

Who's coming to Batimat?

Looking for innovative solutions

Are you a building or construction professional? Do you want to develop your market position? Batimat is the place for you!

Decision-makers, specifiers and project managers congregate to buy, find inspiration and recognise the industry ‘s innovations and must-haves. This is the place to find solutions to every single technological development and industry regulation.

The equipments, technologies, tools and solutions exhibited strive for excellence: low carbon, frugality, comfort, circularity and re-use, digital solutions etc.… 

In 4 days, regardless of your level of knowledge, you can specialize and accelerate the implementation of best practices on your worksites.



Tiba Marble is always here to help you.

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