We are the best in manufacturing works of art made of marble and granite.

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We have sent many great works of art to many countries around the world with great success. You can see some of them.

Tomb Stone

Choosing a headstone is a deeply personal choice. If you are looking for a white structure that stands out from the rest, marble is the ideal choice. And if you want the headstone to have intricate engravings and want it to last forever, granite is suitable.Marble is also more likely than granite to chip or crack over time. After the aforementioned 200 years, it may be hard to read the inscription on a marble tombstone.The bottom line is that the biggest difference between granite and marble is that granite is much harder and lasts much longer than the softer marble. Marble is more likely to crack, chip and erode over time due to being exposed to the outdoor elements.

Natural stone columns

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Even today, marble is still often offered as a natural stone mosaic or as tiles. But other materials are also available in stores: Antique marble, basalt, granite, limestone, quartzite, slate or travertine.


Hashemi stone



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