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Egyptian Marble are the oldest and the finest marble products in the world. 

Granite from Egypt is regarded as a grand mark of status, durability, and strength.

We produces Special Products of Egyptian and imported marble such as cloumns, lightin…

Marble pavers are as practical, durable, and versatile as they are elegant and majestic.

There are many technical reasons for choosing a marble and granite swimming pool…

It makes a statement, expands space, and creates a high-end aesthetic, all at once.

Typically, however, when marble is used in a memorial it is used inside an enclosed mausoleum or crypt.

If you take horizontal cuts of a variety of different types and thickness of marble and then fix them all to a common substrate,

About Company

We have been around since 2007

Decades of experience we have learned from mistakes, and we go through situations, so now we can offer you a very good products & services (EgyptianMarble -Granite-PoolBorders)We build relationships of good collaboration with all clients, based on trust and respect to their needs and to the investment act. The elements that differentiate our offer from that of competitors are closely related to the quality of products, services and execution deadlines, the price being sometimes higher than the one on the market, our product being designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. We are humbled by our global clientele of 50+ companies’ sale spread across over 10+ countries & our presence widens with every passing day.


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International Fairs

The world got to know us through the most important international Fairs

Batimat - Paris

The Paris Fair was one of the most successful Fair we participated in 2011 .

Stone +Tec , Germany

Germany is one of the countries that loves and adore Egyptian marble, so the Fair was a great success at the tim

Marmomac Verona

Verona Fair is one of the world's largest Fair for marble and granite, and it was a Traget for Tiba Marble to participate in that Fair . and we succeeded . Our company had two participations in the exhibition, the first in 2019 and the second in 2023.

Additional Services

We Also Offer

We can now help you in TibaMarble to manufacture whatever Egyptian products you want, whether Marble, Granite, or a Special type of art such as Flamed, sandplast, bushhammer, and other industries that you need.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Material

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Trained Workers

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Time Availability

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Quick Response

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We are the best in the Middle East in making such artistic masterpieces

Now, after decades of experience, Tiba Marble can manufacture and implement the most beautiful and complex works of art. This is thanks to our use of the best machines and the most skilled, trained workers, under supervision and with years of experience.

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Tiba Marble Company

Bringing Life To Rocks


Head Office

You can now visit the administration in Egypt, Cairo, and you can also watch the manufacturing and see the quality of our products and the efficiency and skill of our technicians.

 Maddi , 101 EL-Amal Building , Office 61, Cairo, Egypt

Phone: +20 111 005 5613

Email: info@tibamarble.com

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