Tiba marble

A true story of struggle that brought us to the heights of the marble and granite industry

Founded in 2007, Tiba Marbl has grown and evolved to become a prominent player in the marble and granite industry. The company is known for its extensive experience, commitment to quality, and innovation in mining and manufacturing processes.

Tiba Marble quarries are located in the El-Sawahed area of Cairo Governorate in Egypt, which is rich in high-quality marble and granite. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to extract marble and granite from the quarries using innovative and efficient methods.

Tiba Marbl specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of marble and granite products, including tiles, slabs, columns, elevators, interior and exterior decorations. The company employs advanced finishing and design techniques to meet the needs of customers and deliver high-quality and distinctive products.

Regarding exports, Tiba Marbl has a long history of exporting Egyptian marble worldwide. Egypt is one of the major exporters of marble globally, and Egyptian marble products have gained a reputation for their quality, varied colors, and beautiful designs.

Tiba Marbl exports its products to many countries around the world, including the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and Asia. The company strives to develop strong business relationships and strategic partnerships with international clients to meet their needs and provide high-quality products.

In summary, the history of Taybah Marble in the marble and granite industry in the Middle East and its exportation of Egyptian marble worldwide is filled with accomplishments. The company’s rich experience, commitment to quality, and innovation have positioned it as a leading player in the industry. By utilizing advanced technologies and Egypt’s abundant natural resources, Taybah Marble offers high-quality products that cater to the needs of both local and international customers.

The history of Tiba Marbl role in the marble and granite industry reflects the significant growth witnessed by the construction sector in the Middle East in recent decades. The use of marble and granite in major projects such as hotels, commercial facilities, government buildings, and luxury residences has become increasingly common.

Egypt plays a crucial role in the global marble and granite industry as one of the largest producers and exporters of marble. Egyptian quarries are renowned for their warm beige marble and pure white marble. These natural stones are extracted from quarries in various regions of Egypt and feature unique formations and colors that attract buyers from around the world.

Tiba Marbl is a pioneer in exporting Egyptian marble worldwide. The products are exported to several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United States, Germany, China, India, and others. The products are known for their high quality, diverse designs, and compliance with international quality standards.

Overall, the history of Tiba Marble involvement in the marble and granite industry in the Middle East and its exportation of Egyptian marble worldwide is a success story that reflects quality, excellence, and technological advancements in the sector. Tiba Marbl continues to develop and innovate its products to meet the needs of the global market and maintain its position as a leading company in the marble and granite industry.



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